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Red Deer Area Area Dog Kennels

If you are a Red Deer Area Area resident planning a business or vacation trip, your cherished pet may be unable to accompany you. Fortunately, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your dog is safe in Kozy Kennel Pet Boarding. Even if you will only be away for a weekend, Kozy Kennel Pet Boarding will gladly accommodate your dog’s needs. And should you be planning a trip of four days or more.

As a guest, your pet will be assigned a specially trained dog monitor who will quickly acquaint themselves with your dog’s routines. The monitor will serve as your dog’s primary caretaker, and this staff member will play with, care for and walk your dog a minimum of twice per day. Of course, your cherished pet will have ample time to socialize with other canine guests as well as other members of Kozy Kennel Pet Boarding’s kennel team. To maximize your dog’s experience, we provide an abudance of toys!

As part of our commitment to canine health, we offer our own specially blended organic health mix. Should they wish, Red Deer Area Area pet owners can select this as an alternative to their pet’s regular diet, although we recommend that all dietary changes be introduced slowly. Special considerations are also provided for pets which are elderly and not as sociable as they used to be. Ultimately, Kozy Kennel Pet Boarding is the superior choice for discriminating pet owners in the Red Deer Area Area area. While you are away, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your dog is well cared for. Who knows? At Kozy Kennel Pet Boarding, your pets may think they are the ones on vacation!